At Home Living: In home decorating, it’s easy being green
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If you asked me to pick my favorite shade of green for decorating, I’d say, “All of them!” When it comes to working with Mother Nature’s favorite color, every tone and tint is a winner. Green can be the main event in a room, shaking it to its core with over-the-top drama, or it can be a soft whisper, providing the background that allows other features in the room to shine. Here are three ways I like to use green when I design interior spaces.

1. Make A Big Statement With Saturated Green

How about a room saturated in green? If you are as ardent about this color as a lot of our customers, you’re saying, “Bring it on!” Start by painting the walls a go-with-everything shade, like Shutter Window, the popular emerald tone from my Mary Carol Artisan Paints line. This verdant color, and most other greens, looks amazing with just about any color you put with it so are a great choice if you want deep, rich wall color.

If you opt for green walls, like we did, you can take the green theme a step farther by bringing in upholstered pieces that feature different shades of greens. But be sure to also weave in lots of contrast colors, or your room will feel like a leaf cocoon. For an equally powerful effect, paint your walls a neutral, like white, then pick upholstered pieces that include a mix of strong greens.

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Moving can be a strain on a budget, and decorating a new home just might not be in the cards. Or perhaps you are craving a change from the same walls and accessories but can’t justify buying all-new decor. Well, decorating your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 10 ways to decorate your home without spending a dime:

1. Take a Fresh Look

Before you bemoan your vow not to ditch everything and start from scratch, take a look around your home. Why do you own your furniture and accessories in the first place? What attracted you to them, and what don’t you like now? Would you enjoy the arm chair collecting dust in the corner of your bedroom more if it became part of a reading nook in the living room? Maybe the portrait of a dog painted by Uncle Joe that’s been collecting dust in the closet would be kitschy funny in the guest bathroom. Then try re-arranging to see if your opinions change. The first step is to take stock and see what you love, what you hate, and why.

2. Repair

Did you notice a few items were in disrepair during your assessment? It’s hard to like your decor when it feels broken and sloppy. Rather than tossing, investigate ways to repair broken or damaged items. Can you glue the creaky dining room chairs? Tighten the latch on…………… continues on One Green Planet

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