And on the seventh day, he assembled the Lillangen
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

Illustration: Simon Letch

Home decorating is the new religion: it’s often done on a Sunday, involves a visit to a large building (in this case, Bunnings) and entails a generous donation being placed in the collection plate (aka cash register).

Then it’s back home to install the shelves/light fittings/ballcock, at which point the words ”Jesus Christ” are often used. Then, when the job is complete and displayed to others, a further devotional outburst can oft be heard: ”Oh my god.” Usually followed by ”What have you done?”

In this context, it can hardly be surprising to read that the Ikea catalogue has now overtaken the Bible as the book which has the most copies printed each year. Some see this as a sign of crisis – the ultimate triumph of materialism over religion – but that’s to ignore the spiritual lesson embedded in both the Ikea catalogue and in home decorating more generally.

The Ikea store itself is a metaphor for life. You enter full of uncertainty, confused as to which direction to head, then find yourself swept along with the crowd. With all the twists and turns in the journey, it’s hard to know in what direction you are travelling. And, certainly, it’s in…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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