6 Fresh Halloween Decorations Ideas
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Getting fresh ideas for doing Halloween decorations at home every year is a problem. You need to come up with innovative concepts every year to entertain the kids. While the traditional things like pumpkin carving and costumes have to be kept alive, there is need for a fresh perception for Halloween decorations. That why you need to improvise on the existing ideas and come up with something new.

Even something as common as pumpkin carving can be given a new twist. While teaching your kids to carve pumpkins, you can come up with a new Halloween decoration idea. Place electric bulbs inside the carved pumpkin and wire it accordingly. Now mount some bats on it and turn it into a proper lantern.

Halloween cookies too are a tradition from the past. But what is stopping you from making interestingly designed cookies? Bake cookies that go with your table decoration on Halloween. You can decorate your table in the period-drama style. Bring out the candle stand that belonged to your grandmother and have an actual candle light dinner.

Your yard and garden become very useful during Halloween. If you don’t want to invite the scary spirits into your home, you can always do up your backyard and garden in the Halloween spirit. Use the discarded costumes and props from the previous years to decorate your outdoor space.

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