10 Home Decor Tips For Your Patio
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The patio is an outdoor living area most often found in Spanish style homes. It has gained much popularity in modern times as it offers a place to take a break from our busy daily schedules. It can be used as an entertainment area where the family can spend some fun time together. It can be a place where you can enjoy a quiet cup of tea. Use it even for serious discussions!

There is no need to think that only the rich can afford this. It is not an expensive thing to have a patio for your house. You need not necessarily have a patio on the lawn. You can also arrange a patio on the back porch. Gathering the family for dinner in the patio every weekend is a great way to create some quality family time, especially if you are hard pressed to have a sit down meal with all the members during the week.


A patio also serves as the place you go to seek solitude. Somewhere you can get pleasure from nature, read a book or enjoy your favourite music without any disturbance. It can also be a…………… continues on BoldSky

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Decorating model homes to maximum effect
News from Philly.com:

In the world of new-home construction, once the target buyers have been identified, laserlike focus is trained on the houses themselves: sizes, styles, layouts – and yes, possible decors.

Say hello to model homes that beckon. Step into carefully planned worlds of aspirational ideas and rooms that bring blueprints to life, thanks to designers who are experts – some might even say wizards – in making the abstract real. In the trade, it’s known pragmatically as “merchandising.”

Envisioning how a totally new space might be decorated can be overwhelming – especially for active-adult buyers, who may be leaving behind homes in which they have spent decades. Visual advice, which many a first-time buyer also yearns for, is what model homes offer.

“My job is really to give a real sense of potential – a glimpse of what this home could be,” said Thom Sweeney, a principal with New Home Interiors in Lakewood, N.J., which works with builders throughout the Philadelphia region. “I try to visually suggest color, furniture placement, and a general look and feel that’s believable.”

Every empty model home starts as a blank canvas, awaiting the designer’s brush strokes. From the fabric on the sofas to the bedspread in the master suite, every detail counts, Sweeney suggested. And the real challenge i…………… continues on Philly.com

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